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How To Start Hiring

As Company or Individual

Create a Company/individual account. then post a job and evaluate proposals that sent to your job and hire the proper freelancer to your job.

  • Post a Job

    How I can post a job?

    Go to your dashboard, then in the menu click on "Manage Job" and click "Post a Job". Fill in all your job details and attached any document about your job that can help freelancers to understand your Job better. 

  • Send an Offter

    How I can Send an Offer?

    Basically, you can send an offer to any freelancer that meet your desired requirements of a work.

  • See all Porposals

    How I can view all job's proposal?

    Go to your dashboard, then click on your posted job and click on "view proposal". 


How to Start freelancing

As a skilled Freelancer

By creating Freelancer account, and then browse all jobs and send proposals to the jobs that fit your skills set and tendencies for any companies or individuals that share their jobs. Additionally, you can post a micro service for companies and individuals.

  • Send a Proposal

    How to Send Proposal?

    In the main menu, go to browse jobs, then select the job that fits your skills, read all the details of the job then send your attractive proposal to the company or individual. 

  • Post a Micro Service

    How I post a service?

    Easily you can post a service from your dashboard. In dashboard menu, Click on "Manage Service" and then click on "Post a Micro Service". Yo can post any service that you are very good at like Data Entry, Web design, etc.. that with fixed price and in short period of time.

  • Receive Offers

    How to receive an offer?

    Companies and individuals can invite you to a work or a job if they like your hourly wage and you meet their freelancer's requirements.

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